Cool things to see in Manaus, Brazil

Of all the cool things to see in Manaus, don't miss the opulent Teatro Amazonas ... photo by CC user 101928213@N05 on Flickr

If you are a sports fan, chances are good that you have heard of the Brazilian city of Manaus by now. You may have had no clue that there was a thriving urban center in the midst of one of the more impenetrable jungles on the planet, but the booming rubber trade in the 19th century was to Brazil what the gold rush was to California.

The images of this fascinating place may have moved you to include on your itinerary on an upcoming trip to Brazil. Soaring over the dense canopy of the Amazon abroad a TAM jetliner on your final approach to Manaus, you will no doubt wonder what sights await within this metropolis of just under two million people.

This article will reveal the many cool things to see in Manaus, so get out a pen and paper, because the sights here can be easily missed by those rushing off on an Amazon river cruise/expedition, and it would be a tragedy to miss out on awesome attractions located mere meters from your departure point.

Start by seeing…

1) Teatro Amazonas

Constructed by rubber barons desperately seeking a touch of culture in the middle of nowhere, the massive amounts of money poured into the construction of Teatro Amazonas gave this fledgling boom town an architectural icon back in the days of its rough and dirty origins in the 19th century.

The general populace didn’t appreciate it as much, as it fell into disuse after the boom went bust. It wasn’t until nearly a century later in 1990 when the glorious structure was used for its intended purpose once more.

2) Mercado Adolpho Lisboa

The city’s main market, this was another property that was built in the heady days when Manaus was selling rubber as fast as it could be produced, often at ludicrously high prices. When they built the place, they had it modeled directly after the famous Les Halles Market in Paris, as its metallic components were built there and sent over to Brazil by ship.

Today, the public marketplace deals in a myriad of tropical fruits, spices, fish, handicrafts, and other products that the treasure chest of abundance that is the Amazon can produce.

3) Museu de Ciencias Naturais da Amazônia

While this may be an uninteresting sight to many locals (except for children of course), the state science museum for Amazonas contains a bounty of wonders that foreign tourists will be endlessly fascinated by. See live piranhas without risking your limbs, along with a sampling of the flora and fauna you’ll be scoping out in a few days in the wild!