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Spain’s Beachhead in North Africa: Top Reasons To Visit Melilla

If you never thought of Africa as a beautiful holiday destination, then here are the top reasons to visit Melilla to prove you wrong. Melilla is the chief town of a little Spanish commune in the eastern part of Morocco’s Mediterranean coastal region and it is a welcoming and stress-free spot. The town is great for a whole day visit for its fine tapas bars, its tax-free shopping, and for its contemporary and decorative architecture. Melilla has so much in store for you, that it won't be hard

3 Awesome Beach Towns in Spain

As we enter the bell lap of summer in Europe, those that are suffering under piles of work needn't despair that they lost a chance to escape their daily hell … there's still hope. While the entire continent has crammed themselves into countless towns lining the Mediterranean at the writing of this article, September lays just around the corner. By then, virtually all of the sun worshipers presently taking up sun loungers will have left for their own respective realities, leaving you with