Lisbon for a weekend

Seeing the Igreja de São Roque is a great itinerary item when visiting Lisbon for a weekend

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The vibrant capital of Lisbon is known for its vibrant arts and cultural attractions, unique hilly landscape and stunning architecture, and is a wonderful place to visit for a mini break or extended luxury vacation. The old and new worlds combine together in this European gem as you take a ride in the delightfully antiquated yellow trams past world-renowned street art and colourful murals, and makes for a truly memorable trip. Here are a few things you simply cannot miss out on when in Lisbon for a weekend.

Eat at A Travessa Restaurant, 12 Travessa do Convento das Bernardas

Located in a former monastery, this moodily lit restaurant serves a tapas-style menu in the form of an endless procession of delicious and perfectly presented dishes from Portugal and beyond that will be sure to satisfy the most discerning of gourmands. The staff are incredibly welcoming, and invite you to relax and enjoy the uniquely laid-back atmosphere and rustic vintage surroundings.

Visit the Igreja de São Roque

The church of Sao Roque has an unusually plain façade for a church, but don’t let that fool you – the interior is a cluster of many chapels that are extravagantly decorated in the Baroque style with sumptuous gold leaf, gemstone mosaics, and exquisite murals, all restored to their former glory. The real masterpiece of Sao Roque is infamously known as ‘the world’s most expensive chapel’, the chapel of St. John the Baptist, which was designed and constructed in Rome in 1747, and shipped over at great expense. The interior of this chapel is lined with the rarest and most beautiful materials such as ivory, agate, lapis lazuli and porphyry. This chapel is lined with intricate mosaics depicting apocalyptic scenes taken from the bible, and will be sure to leave you awed and inspired.

Drinks at Bar A Parodia, Rua Do Patrocinio, 26-B

One of the oldest bars in Lisbon, Bar A Parodia is a hidden Art Deco gem with a nondescript façade, but the magic starts as soon as you enter after ringing the bell – setting the tone for the intimate ‘speakeasy’ vibe, complete with velvet wallpaper and soulful jazz music. Sample the amazing cocktails such as the fiery ginger margarita, served with traditional Portuguese nibbles and enjoy the warm hospitality courtesy of the owners, Pedro and Filipa, who will greet you with open arms and regale you with the history of the bar and are more than happy to share their local knowledge with you regarding other hidden treasures in this fair city.

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