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Check out Groupon’s new wellness section for great savings

The USA is an awesome place when it comes to shopping for things like clothes and groceries. What with many states not adding sales tax, prices are about as cheap as you'll find anywhere in the developed world. But unfortunately, we can't say the same about the price of services in the US, which is among the highest in the world. Luxury services like massages, pedicures and laser treatments are expensive for many people. But they don't have to be! If you're interested in pampering yourself then

Move over Yelp, Groupon is #1 for business listings now

Groupon's old deal-a-day coupon business model failed to stay the course, and the site's dwindling popularity has pushed its owners to try something different as they bid to stay relevant. Enter the new Groupon, a new kind of business listings directory that looks a lot like Yellow Pages. The biggest advantage of the new Groupon is that the site has stayed faithful to its old revenue generating methods. That means it still offers thousands of different coupons and vouchers. Simply search for whatever

7 Sights To See In Belarus!

Admittedly, Belarus is not a popular tourist attraction. The European country faces tough competition like France after all. But this does not mean there’s nothing to see in this part of the continent. Belarus also has its shares of tourist spots worth going to. Most attractions in the country are historical landmarks which double as architectural wonders. Some showcase its naturally beautiful landscape. Without further a due, here are the best attractions and top reasons to visit Belarus. 7)

Top Things To Know About Visiting Mississippi

The top things to know about visiting Mississippi allow you to prepare your trip to this Southern State in the US with little or no hassle. Often overlooked by travellers, this state may actually have a lot to offer to those who are curious enough to visit it. Mississippi is known to be the home of the Blues as well as incredible cuisines. Just make sure to sort out an ESTA visa to the USA if you don't have one already. If you plan to visit, here are some of the top things to know about visiting

Best Time To Visit Fortaleza, Brazil!

 If there’s one great thing about this city in the state of Ceara, it’s that there’s no particular “best time” to visit Fortaleza. Famous for the beautiful beaches that surround it, as well as the nearby fishing villages, Fortaleza is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Brazil. It also hosts a very vibrant Carnaval celebration, a great opportunity for you to mingle with the locals, sample local cuisines and enjoy shopping. But if you want to save, enjoy the Carnaval season,