Should You Travel with a Baby

For the first few months of your new baby’s life you should probably refrain from too much traveling especially air travel. Babies need consistent attention between feedings and diaper changes so it would be wise to keep the little one at home. According to a baby article, once your baby reaches about three months of age you can start thinking about taking him or her on short trips.

You should enjoy your travels with your little one before they start to crawl and walk because once they start moving they could get into mischief. So is there a good age to travel by air and when you should not travel by air with your baby? According to one article, between zero and three months it is not a good idea to travel by air. Everything is still too new for both of you so going on a plane is probably not a good idea.

A great time to start flying is when your baby is between three months and nine months. By now, both of you are settled into your routine and adding a little flight adventure could be fun for both of you. Once your baby starts to crawl and talk things can get bit trickier so enjoy the peace when you have it because it might be hard to come by as your baby gets older.

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