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Cool things to see in Manaus, Brazil

If you are a sports fan, chances are good that you have heard of the Brazilian city of Manaus by now. You may have had no clue that there was a thriving urban center in the midst of one of the more impenetrable jungles on the planet, but the booming rubber trade in the 19th century was to Brazil what the gold rush was to California. The images of this fascinating place may have moved you to include on your itinerary on an upcoming trip to Brazil. Soaring over the dense canopy of the Amazon

Top Destinations In Mauritania

The top destinations in Mauritania may not necessarily be the first things that pop into your mind when you think about vacation destinations. However, they do provide some of the most outstanding summer experiences when in the African continent. The republic, for those who are curious, is found in West Africa and is part of the Arab Maghreb county. It is surrounded by Western Sahara, Algeria, Mali, and Senegal, with the Atlantic Ocean providing a contrasting environment. Mauritania has a