The Best Restaurants of Brazil!

Brazilian cuisine can be sampled in the best restaurants of Brazil. The flavors of national dishes may vary across regions but they are many ingredients that are used across many dishes to help define the country’s unique flavors. In coastal Bahia for example, local cuisine has a strong African influence, mainly because most African slaves arrived there first and eventually settled there when slavery was abolished. If you want to sample Brazilian food, here is a list of the country’s best restaurants and dining experiences.

"Galinhada" by Sérgio Savaman Savarese - originally posted to Flickr as GALINHADA. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

  1. Le Pré Catelan is a great choice for sampling Amazonian cuisine. Located in the Sofitel in Rio, they serve 10-course gourmet meals suited for kings and queens. The restaurant is managed by Rolland Villard, a renowned French chef. He has truly outdone himself by using ingredients that not even locals are aware of.
  2. Porcão serves beef – lots of it. It is a nationwide restaurant chain that’s popular and close to the hearts of Brazilians. Besides, a trip to Brazil can never be complete unless you’ve had a meaty meal and this is the place to go. Two beefy dishes to try include rodízio churrascarias and picanha.
  3. D.O.M. is a fine dining restaurant in São Paulo. It is best known for having a wide selection of wines.
  4. Figueira also provides a fine dining experience in São Paulo. If you want ambience paired with great food, this is one of the best restaurants of Brazil.
  5. Beijupiráis a charming little restaurant in Porto de Galinhas, a tiny resort town situated northeast of Brazil. It features rustic and whimsical décor. The restaurant serves Brazilian food with the use of seafood, spices, and tropical fruits.
  6. Lá em Casa is a wonderful restaurant for tasting the regional cuisine of Belém. The strategic location of Belém allows access to a wider range of ingredients than most of Brazil.
  7. Jardim das Delicias is one of the best restaurants of Brazil when it comes to eating moqueca. Moqueca is basically stewed seafood with coconut milk, red dendê palm oil, lime juice, and cilantro. Jardim das Delicias is located in Salvador, the home of moqueca.

While Brazil is a massive country, it is very well connected by road and air. TAM, one of the nation’s leading airlines flies to all or near all of the above locations. Bon Appetite!

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