Top Destinations In Mauritania


The top destinations in Mauritania may not necessarily be the first things that pop into your mind when you think about vacation destinations. However, they do provide some of the most outstanding summer experiences when in the African continent. The republic, for those who are curious, is found in West Africa and is part of the Arab Maghreb county.

It is surrounded by Western Sahara, Algeria, Mali, and Senegal, with the Atlantic Ocean providing a contrasting environment. Mauritania has a history that involves the ancient Berber Kingdom as well as the Roman Empire so guests can also look forward to an array of architectural highlights that give insight into the rich past and the promising future the country has.

It was a shame that the country was not able to establish itself earlier as a great tourism capital with the numerous social and political turmoil it underwent in the past. But that’s all part of its past now as it capitalizes on top destinations in Mauritania like the stunning desert scenery right at the foot of Adrar des Ifoghas that hides a lush, secret oasis.

This mountain highlight is shared by the country with its neighbors as it encompasses an area of 250,000 square miles. But it is distinctly once part of the Berber territory and was controlled by the Tuareg clan before the Islamic fighters came and used the land as its headquarters. With peace restored, people from around the world can now appreciate the archaeological remains former settlers have left behind, particularly rock art that depict their common livelihood practices.

To add to the celebrated top destinations in Mauritania, guests can also look forward to visiting the remains of the city of Chinguetti, which lies nearby. Founded in the 13th century, this place used to serve as a trading center for merchants who were going through the numerous trans-Saharan trade routes. Now, apart from the exquisite scenery it provides, it also hosts a handful of amazing architecture, which include the Friday Mosque, the French Foreign Legion Fortress, the watertower and the libraries in the old quarter.

Ouadane is another small desert town that has the same purpose as the aforementioned. But it was built a century later by the Portuguese and then soon abandoned, leaving it completely desolate by the 16th century. And with the stunning Richat Structure nearby, it’s not hard to understand why this part of the country is highly recommended as a pit stop, especially for first timers.

To conclude your trip, you should check out Parc National du Banc d’Arguin, which is located in the central part of Mauritania’s coastline as it houses millions of migrating birds and dolphins, not to mention local tribesmen, who will be more than willing to demonstrate and share their culture to tourists.деньги в долг самаре