What to see in Vietnam

Halong Bay is one of the places that makes every "what to see in Vietnam" list, including this one ... photo by CC user Thomas Hirsch on wikimedia

With Thailand getting one to death by many tourists, travelers have been looking for the next big destination in Southeast Asia. Many have settled on Vietnam, as much of this country resembled Thailand more than a generation ago.

Indeed, many areas have yet to be spoiled by mass tourism, and lower prices and genuine interactions with locals bear this out. As far as planning is concerned, there are many suitable Vietnam multi centre holiday itineraries out there, but make sure they include the following must-see destinations, as they will help you know what to see in Vietnam through the many outstanding attractions and sights located in them.

1) Reunification Palace, Saigon

Back in the days of the Vietnam War when the nation was split into the Democratic South and the Communist North, the Reunification Palace was the posh home of the South Vietnamese president. Abandoned abruptly as the North took Saigon in the Ho Chi Minh offensive in 1975, it was renamed to its current title shortly after its conquest, and it was partially reopened to the public as a tourist attraction a number of years later.

Strolling through this building is a journey into the world of 1960’s style opulence, and into the days of one of the most destructive wars ever waged in Southeast Asia, as the contents of the basement bunker will reveal.

2) Mekong Delta

Before heading north, don’t forget to head south for a day or so too see the Mekong Delta, as it contains the charming rural landscape that many envision when they think of Vietnam. In addition to the farmland that supplies much of the nation’s rice and other cash crops, the river delta ecosystem here supports a veritable treasure trove of flora and fauna.

By hiring reliable guides, you will be able to experience the best of the local people here, as well as rare species you wouldn’t recognize without their keen eye and knowledge.

3) Nha Trang

Want to let your hair down on holiday in Vietnam? The best place to do this is Nha Trang, as this beach resort city contains an abundance of nightclubs and restaurants where you can live it up after a fun day at the beach or at the surprisingly fun amusement park known as Vinpearl Land.

In addition to this, waterfalls, hot springs, and less crowded beaches can be found within a scooter ride of downtown, so don’t be afraid to head out on a day trip during your time here.

4) Ha Long Bay

End your multi-centre itinerary in Vietnam with a cruise on Ha Long, which is one of the most picturesque bodies of water in the world. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, this bay is filled with thousands of limestone karsts, and it is home about 1,600 people that live on floating pontoons throughout the area.

While they mainly rely on fishing for their income, many earn an income by selling goods to travelers on the many liveaboard ships that go on multi-day tours on Ha Long Bay.

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