3 Awesome Beach Towns in Spain

Benidorm is one of the best beach towns in Spain ... trust us!

Benidorm is one of the best beach towns in Spain … trust us!

As we enter the bell lap of summer in Europe, those that are suffering under piles of work needn’t despair that they lost a chance to escape their daily hell … there’s still hope. While the entire continent has crammed themselves into countless towns lining the Mediterranean at the writing of this article, September lays just around the corner.

By then, virtually all of the sun worshipers presently taking up sun loungers will have left for their own respective realities, leaving you with your pick of Spanish beach resorts, most of which will have plenty of space to stretch out and relax without the insane crowds that bedevil them during the high season.

The weather here in September is still very pleasant, with daytime highs averaging 23 to 26 degrees Celsius throughout the month in one of the northernmost cities in the Spanish Mediterranean, Barcelona. Points south are even warmer on average through the month, with the sea remaining swimmable throughout the time period, making it the perfect time to escape the rat race for a relaxing break.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then these three beach towns in Spain will be the perfect place to recharge and enjoy your free time in the best possible way. Let’s start with…

1) Lloret de Mar

If you’re younger, then hitting up Lloret de Mar before universities get too deeply into midterm season is an outstanding way to enjoy this party destination in the Costa Brava region. While many sunny days will spent lying out on its spacious main beach, there is also ample reason to go wandering, as there are many smaller beaches surrounded by the cliffs that the Costa Brava region is famous for, as well as the crystalline blue green water that can be found at these smaller spots.

Castles, water parks, go-kart racing and casinos round out the things you can see and do during the day, setting you up for an unforgettable night on the town in Lloret de Mar.

2) Benidorm

If you decided that a relaxing all-inclusive holiday in Benidorm is the way you want to go, then Benidorm is the ideal location for you, as there are no shortage of resorts here that offer that accommodation option. Benidorm, located in the Costa Blanca region of Spain, is an excellent place for those that fear an early spell of cool fall air, as Benidorm’s daytime highs rarely fall below 18 degrees even in the depths of winter.

The beaches here are internationally acclaimed, as two of the main ones have attained the highly coveted Blue Flag designation, and if you like to let your hair down after dark, this place is also home to a thriving nightlife scene, as there are no less than 800 bars peadling booze after the sun slips beneath the horizon.

3) Benalmádena

If the Costa Del Sol is calling your name, answer it by setting down stakes in the sun baked coastal city of Benalmadena. Here, you can put your feet up on the beach, or you can head out to sea in search of wild dolphins, as pods can be found in abundance just off the coast. If you want to get a spectacular view of the entire area, a cable car ride will take you up the side of the local mountain, where some of the best shots of the region can be had.открыть расчетный счет ип сбербанк