7 Sights To See In Belarus!

Admittedly, Belarus is not a popular tourist attraction. The European country faces tough competition like France after all. But this does not mean there’s nothing to see in this part of the continent. Belarus also has its shares of tourist spots worth going to. Most attractions in the country are historical landmarks which double as architectural wonders. Some showcase its naturally beautiful landscape. Without further a due, here are the best attractions and top reasons to visit Belarus.

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7) Victory Square

Situated at the very heart of Minsk, the square is highlighted by an enormous obelisk built in 1954. The obelisk honours Soviet Army soldiers and Belarus partisans who put their lives at stake for the sake of liberation.

6) Brest Fortress

The monument was set up during the mid 19th century to commemorate the strong defense that Brest had set up against the first wave of the German-Soviet War. Today, Belarusians look at it as a symbol of bravery and heroism.

5) National Library of Belarus

The modern structure is a spectacular sight, even from afar. More than 2,000 people come here every day. It is the informational and cultural center of Belarus where the third largest book collection can be found. The original structure was founded in 1922. The modern building you see today has a total of 22 floors with 2,000 seats for readers and a conference room good for 500 people.

4) Belarus National Museum

The structure itself is not that old as it was built in 1957. However, it has the largest collection of artifacts which signify the culture of Belarus. The Belarus National Museum wasn’t open to the public until 1967. Every year it receives more than 100,000 guests.

3) Gomel Palace and Park

It was established sometime between the late 1800s and mid 1900s. The complex includes the palace, family chapel, cathedrals of St. Peter and Paul, and the park. The palace itself is intriguing but the landscaped garden is even more beautiful. More than 6,000 trees of over 40 species of trees thrive in its garden and they can’t be seen anywhere else in Belarus.

2) Braslav Lakes National Park

A distant 250 kilometers away from Minsk, the numerous archeological, cultural, and historical landmarks in this park make the trip worth it. There are also hundreds of different animal and plant species thriving in the Braslav Lakes area; some of them nearly extinct.

1) Mir Castle

It encompasses Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. Construction began at the end of 15th century but Mir Castle wasn’t completed until the early 16th century. One look at it and you’ll realize it’s one of the most impressive structures in Belarus.

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