Best Time To Visit Fortaleza, Brazil!

 If there’s one great thing about this city in the state of Ceara, it’s that there’s no particular “best time” to visit Fortaleza. Famous for the beautiful beaches that surround it, as well as the nearby fishing villages, Fortaleza is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Brazil. It also hosts a very vibrant Carnaval celebration, a great opportunity for you to mingle with the locals, sample local cuisines and enjoy shopping.

But if you want to save, enjoy the Carnaval season, or probably avoid the rain, you may want to choose when to go wisely. Here’s a little tip on how to choose the best time to visit Fortaleza.

Fortaleza, Brazil

Weather. While Fortaleza boasts of sunshine 365 days a year, rain is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, if it rains, it pours. Rainy season starts on January and ends on June. If you’re looking forward to a day of sightseeing in Fortaleza, the humidity and rain can make your trip uncomfortable and sticky.

However, on the latter part of the year, expect to see clear skies and virtually no rain. This could be a great time to get a tan in one of the beaches in Fortaleza, or go sightseeing.

Carnaval. Four days before Ash Wednesday is the Carnaval season. It’s a four day shindig with street parties, dancing, vibrant music and a burst of colours across the city. While the Carnaval celebration in Fortaleza may not be as popular as that in Rio and Salvador, the city still sees an influx of tourists and travellers to witness the celebration.

If you don’t mind the expensive hotel rate during this time of the year, then this could be the best time to visit Fortaleza.

But do book in advance. Hotels and can get backed pretty quickly. Book at least 2 months before the Carnaval season to avoid the rush.

Peak season. Fortaleza has two peak seasons: Brazilian summer and American/European summer. Brazilian summer is from December to January, which also falls on the latter part of the dry season while the American/Euroean summer is from June to August. During both seasons, expect to find higher hotel rates than usual. So if you want to save, it’s best to save some time between October September to November. You’ll still get sunny and clear skies with virtually no rain.чрезвычайно срочно необходимы средства

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